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Any individual who has seen a Muslim wedding, live or on TV, might be visually impaired not to recognize how vivid and intriguing it could be. On the off chance that there is one statement that can depict one of these occasions, then it might be astounding.

What makes these events astounding is the way that it takes after years of custom that has been passed from era to era. Muslim weddings are a ton not the same as Christian weddings in light of their brilliant clothing types as well as due to the traditions that are taken after from the begin of the couple's engagement.

While a Christian wedding is seen to be a sentimental union of two individuals in adoration and united by the religious service, a Muslim marriage is to a greater degree a social contract between the two families included. Most, if not these relational unions get conceivable because of the share framework, which is more like a monetary transaction as opposed to a sentimental union. Here is the manner by which a Muslim wedding is commended in a few parts of the world.



A wedding in Iran can last up to seven days. The point of convergence of the function and the gathering is the lady's home, which experiences a standard feast where the sustenance is masterminded with the goal that it confronts east. Iranian Muslims utilize a silk table material for the wedding table which has been passed starting with one era then onto the next.


An occasion in Pakistan can last up to three days, with the Mehndi occurring in the house of the spouse and lucky man. It likewise takes after a henna function with the Nikah or the marking of authority papers as its highlight. After the spouse's family signs the papers in the Imam's vicinity, the group of the husband to be has a meal as a method for formally reporting the marriage.



An undertaking in Malaysia is truly diverse as in the henna service happens just for the spouse. The marking of the agreement is made in the vicinity of a Syariat Court authority and is made official after a little measure of cash is traded.



A Muslim wedding in Singapore is portrayed by the seizing of the man of the hour by the lady's beautician and her crew. The husband to be is permitted to enter just after he has given a sensible measure of cash as extra charge.


Muslim weddings are commended in different routes relying upon what nation the couples dwell. At the same time whatever the contrasts, they will dependably be colorful and fascinating to the western world.

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